10K Followers Didn’t Make This Coach $10K Months (And What Actually Worked Instead)

casey blum dream clients entrepreneurship instagram followers online coach pricing weight loss Jul 12, 2021

Today’s guest is no stranger to our Cubicle to CEO community as a membership alum turned success coach inside our 12 month mentorship program who has supported, cheered, and guided many of you along your journey to your first $10,000 month!

If you don’t know her yet, meet Casey Blum, a women’s weight loss coach and founder of Curvy in Thirty. In the last decade, Casey has had 31 jobs but after joining Cubicle to CEO almost 2 years ago, she is now 100% self-employed and in the first four months of 2021 made more in her business than she did working a full-time day job PLUS a part-time weekend gig. 

Today Casey’s sharing her own journey of growing her business from a side hustle to multiple $10K months, how she stopped lowballing and discounting her services and actually started attracting her dream clients, the key changes she saw in her business after applying our Consistent Clients Cashflow System, and why growing her followers on Instagram is no longer a priority for her (and what’s been working instead). 

Connect with Casey:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How she went from 31 jobs in 10 years to the CEO of her own business generating consistent income.
  • The ways following the Consistent Clients Cashflow System doubled the income she earned from her previous jobs.
  • Why you NEED to build connection when selling to potential clients.
  • The types of content you should and should not make if you're trying to grow your business and get more clients.
  • Casey's top 3 tips for getting clients.
  • Why the number of followers you have does not matter at all for your business.
  • How her pricing has changed since joining the Cubicle to CEO membership.
  • Why you are constantly getting price objections.
  • Why there is value in optimizing the service you already have.


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