Q3 2021 Income Report: How I Made $132,365

ads data based decisions entrepreneur income report p&l profit and loss statements Oct 25, 2021

I always look forward to the episodes where I share my quarterly income reports with you! Not only do you guys get to join me behind the scenes in my business, but it also allows me to reflect and debrief on everything that happens each quarter. These income reports are like an audio archive of my 90 day business sprints over the last few years. (If you’re interested in catching up on all of my previous income reports, go to https://ellenyin.com/incomereport for the full playlist so you can binge listen and catch up.)

Today I’ll share my Q3 2021 revenue, expenses, wins, and challenges with you. And in keeping with our new podcast structure, I’ll focus my case study on a key takeaway that you can apply to your own business today!

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Listener of the week: Rosie Chhun of WonderCrafter!!


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What is a P&L statement and why it is the guiding light for our business.
  • How we had the lowest revenue quarter but had the highest profit margins of the year.
  • Why Ellen loves that most of our expenses went to labor costs.
  • How analyzing your data makes for great decision making in your business.
  • Reels are performing excellently for ads right now.
  • Ellen's ads philosophy to make sure your ads will perform.
  • Why it is so important to have boots on the ground and being connected to the people in your community.
  • How brand partnerships have added great additional revenue to our business revenue. 
  • Cubicle to CEO is now trademarked!
  • Being recognized locally is just as fulfilling as being recognized on a national level.
  • There is no such thing as perfect timing! If you want to do something, DO IT!


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