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In celebration of my 26th birthday (this Wednesday, May 6th) I am answering your burning questions, both business related and personal. I had so much fun with this episode! I have to say - you guys really showed up and answered some quality questions!

Check out the timestamps below to see who asked what, and where in this episode you can find specific answers!

2:40 - Britney Gardner of The Show Up System: What is the next best thing if you’re not able to do sales calls?

4:30 - What is your favorite & least favorite thing about podcasting?

7:57 -  Heather Stewart of Prosperity Flow Coaching: When you are starting to get coaching clients but you don't have a large library of additional offerings for them to access - what have you found is the best way to keep them in your funnel and keep them engaged with your business?

10:22 - Elizabeth Stuckey of Raise Your Words Design: Do you recommend splitting into separate Instagram accounts if you have two different audiences you serve?

13:19 -Vanessa Helizet Spriet of HelloMEDIO! What was the greatest mistake you ever made? How did it change your personal development?

18:54 - Firiel Severns of Albany Bridal Show:What is the best way for an event to capitalize on Pinterest?

22:12 - Diane Bader of FASTer Way to Fat Loss: What do you do in your free time?

29:10 - Kelly Campbell of Rodan and Fields: How important is branding yourself while growing your business? 

32:25 - Araceli V of Thrill of the Luxe: What's one thing you would invest in for your business? 

35:34 - Jeannette Kathleen Moore of The Unlearning: Did your grade school education fulfill you? Did you attend private or public?  Why or why not? What are your thoughts on the state of the public school system in America at this time?

42:59 - Sandra Kuehni of Digital Biz Babes: If you were building an online business while still working in your 9-5 job and juggling your family and you had 1-2 hours max available per day what would be the steps to take to make it happen?

46:35 - Bahja Wampler of Monat Global: You have an incredible smile. Have you ever had braces? What are some of your go-to beauty products? Your makeup always looks so natural.

51:13 - Mikaela of Mikaela Lauren Wellness: How to find people to actually opt in!? How do I get more people to see my opt in or offer?

55:13 - Tae Hall of It’s VA Tay: How do you start a conversation in the DMs without people automatically rejecting you because they think you’re trying to sell something? How do you have meaningful conversations when you’re an introvert?

1:01:10 - April Ray of April Ray Creative: How would you go about offering a new service to your existing audience and client base without being too sales-y?

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • The purpose of a sales call is to convert a lead into a paid client & make sure you are a good fit to work together. How else can you mirror that intention in another format besides phone calls?
  • Business is all about relationships. So it’s all about building relationships with people. Don’t get overwhelmed by the need to come out with something new and shiny all the time.
  • More is not always better when it comes to product creation.
  • The best system is the one you’re going to use.
  • You only stay stuck when you don’t leave your comfort zone
  • Identity marketing is HUGE on Pinterest. Make sure you’re focused on keyword SEO. And be sure to have evergreen content.
  • Your personal brand allows you to be flexible and pivot as you grow. It keeps you top of mind in your audience.
  • Investing in your mind & in your people will always give you infinite returns.
  • Prioritize the tasks that will move your business forward rather than simply keep yourself busy.
  • Getting people to opt in involves giving people what they want. The best place to ask is your audience!
  • People automatically reject you if they think you don’t care. Do NOT pitch someone upon first meeting them. You become interesting by being interested.
  • Collect the data FIRST with an unbiased mind, and then figure out if/how you can help the person in front of you. It doesn’t always have to end in a transaction.
  • If you’re listening more than you’re talking on a sales call, that’s a good thing.
  • You will only feel salesy if you’re not approaching sales calls from a place of servanthood & listening more than talking.

What Did You Think?

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? Leave a comment below.


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