How To Charge More: From $250 Projects to Landing $7500 Clients in 1 Year

april ray empower entrepreneurship pricing serving clients value ladder web design Mar 22, 2021

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Have you heard? We’re on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs who work with clients make their first $10,000 month this year through our 12 month membership (we like to call it more of a mentorship), Cubicle to CEO!

Today’s guest is going in our $10K Hall of Fame as one of those 500 women, and we wanted to celebrate her on the show for reaching that milestone of her first $10K month - all with less than 500 Instagram followers! This is proof you can scale your business with a small audience!

Meet April Ray, a web designer and marketing strategist who creates websites that turn visitors into customers. This wife and mom of two little ones lives on a cattle farm in Kentucky and joined Cubicle to CEO when she was six weeks postpartum with a business that felt stagnant.

In her first 30 days with us, she made back her entire annual investment. Today, April shares with us what gave her the confidence to go from charging $250 for a website to landing $7500 website clients, how empowering her clients through a simple strategy you can implement immediately has not only boosted retention but also created a recurring revenue stream, and how scaling down her service offerings actually allowed her to scale up her revenue to $10K months in just one year!

You’ll also want to take notes on her best tips for how your website should flow to convert visitors into customers, and the key elements to focus on with your website if you’re just starting out!

Connect with April:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • April's top web design tips.
  • The most important pages to have as a new business.
  • How Cubicle to CEO has helped her dramatically change her pricing model.
  • The ways that implementing marketing research changed her business.
  • How empowering her client lead to her biggest sale to date.
  • "One of the best ways to empower people id to truly guide them to the right solution, whether it's you or not."
  • Ways to sell without feeling desperate or pushy.
  • The breakdown of her $10k month and how she achieved it without a large audience.
  • Ellen's strategy quadrupled the traffic being sent to April's website.


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