Making $10K Months After Leaving Corporate America

$10k corporate marketing entrepreneurship lesa banks membership pinterest marketing social media marketing Apr 12, 2021

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Today is super exciting because we have our very first returning guest on the show! After nearly 2 years, I could not be more thrilled to welcome back a friend, student, and now $10K month earner, Lesa Banks.

Lesa is a former Fortune 500 marketing executive who decided to hang up her slacks after 13 years in corporate America so she could work in her PJs from home, founding her own brand, Pajama Marketer. A mom with two young sons, Lesa helps other moms make MORE money while spending LESS time away from their families. She was actually one of the very first students in my membership, Cubicle to CEO, and used our Consistent Clients Cashflow System we teach in our program to generate multiple $10K months! Now in the third year of her entrepreneurial journey, she recently launched a course about Pinterest marketing (check the show notes for a special coupon code just for our community) and runs a marketing agency with her husband, Rick, providing high quality but affordable marketing services to small businesses! 

If you want to get to know Lesa, or catch up on the growth she’s experienced since the last time she was behind the mic in episode #6 on our podcast, then definitely stick around. We will be chatting about the roadblocks that come with making a huge career transition, the exact breakdown of how she achieved her $10K months, and the key things all small businesses need to know about social media marketing - including one small tweak that will make a HUGE impact on how your customers perceive your brand online.

Connect with Lesa:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Why she felt the money she made in her $10k months was more fulfilling than the money she made in the corporate world.
  • The roadblocks she faced in her entrepreneurial journey and how she overcame them.
  • How she has used Cubicle to CEO as a resource for 2+ years.
  • Time is our most valuable resource.
  • The breakdown of her $10k month.
  • Key things she wishes all small businesses knew about their social media marketing.
  • Advice on how to determine a brand voice as a small business.
  • The small tweak that makes a huge difference in your social media presence.
  • Her experience as a first-time course creator.
  • What it’s like working from home w/ her husband + 2 kids at home.
  • What it looks like to have a work/life balance.


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