How To Pivot, Pitch Like A Pro, and Find Your Purpose With Julie Solomon, Host of The Influencer Podcast


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Okay, full circle moment here! The woman who put me behind the podcast mic for the very first time four years ago is now a guest on our show! I could not be more thrilled to interview someone I’ve known for years, Julie Solomon.

A powerhouse in the online business space with over a decade of PR, branding, and marketing experience, Julie is the creator of Pitch It Perfect & Shine. However, You probably know her best from her chart-topping show, The Influencer Podcast, which boasts millions of downloads in 170 countries worldwide.

One of my favorite things about Julie is that she gives it to you straight, so we get honest about how to make big pivots in your career (she’s successfully done it multiple times), 3 tips for nailing your pitches, the biggest difference between making six figures and seven figures, and how to use purpose as a strategy for achieving your goals.

Connect with Julie:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Julie's story of going from publicist to CEO + how she knew when to pivot.
  • Why pitching is a timeless skill.
  • The reason she believes in the power of putting yourself out there.
  • Why people aren't good at pitching.
  • 3 things to keep in mind when pitching yourself.
  • The power of going all in on one product over the years, and how Amazon and J Lo. are examples of this.
  • The biggest difference between 6-figure Julie + 7-figure Julie (+ her primary strategy for scaling).
  • Why you should surround yourself with women you want to be like and can relate to.
  • How to understand what your purpose is and why you need to do it to create success in your business.


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