What You Don’t Know About My Story (And My #1 Strategy In Business Revealed)


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I have a real treat for you guys this week. Today I will be the one in the interview seat! My friend Tiff Cheng so graciously allowed me to share this episode of her podcast, Become An Entrepreneur, where she interviewed me and we really had the best time chatting about everything under the sun. There is a lot about my story I haven’t shared on this show previously, so I am very excited to open up more of my life to you guys.

I just loved how this conversation was so honest about what it’s really like to leave the cubicle world and dive head first into being the CEO of your own business. If you want to hear more about what it was like for me immigrating to the US and being raised in an Asian household, why I think your comfort zone is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and my #1 business strategy (that has nothing to do with marketing), then I would love for you guys to give this episode a listen!

Also, if you don’t listen to her already, please add Tiff’s podcast, Become An Entrepreneur, to your podcast rotation. Thank you Tiff for letting us republish this awesome episode!

Connect with Tiff:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How growing up in an Asian household affected her mindset.
  • “Your comfort zone is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
  • When the right time to make a leap is. 
  • The story of her first $300 client + how she scaled that service.
  • When she faces impostor syndrome most, but why she doesn't view it as a bad thing. 
  • The importance of creating quality content rooted in sales psychology.
  • You can find a way to connect with the Queen of England if you optimize the reach of your network.
  • Not every investment gives you exactly what you expected to get from it.
  • If you haven’t gotten your first 6 figures, focus on one thing.
  • “Saying no now doesn’t mean no forever.”
  • The privileges you get from having a smaller audience.
  • A sneak peek of what Ellen envisions for the future of Cubicle to CEO
  • We often neglect the ripple effect that impact our choices have on others.
  • Advice for those who are too afraid to take the leap and go all in on their business.
  • The true difference between an Employee and Employer mindset.
  • Overcome your fears by writing down what you’re scared about and evaluating the severity of how that outcome would affect your life.
  • A deep dive into what CTFAR and confirmation bias are.
  • Why business is like tennis.


What Did You Think?

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