How Nearly 5,000 Rejections Led to Selling $1 Million in 3 Hours


Did you see my segment on the Today Show with Hoda & Jenna?! Watch it Here!

I am joined today by a new friend who I’ve quickly grown to love, the amazingly talented Brittney Levine.

In case you missed it, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Brittney a couple of weeks ago on the Today Show with Hoda & Jenna for a super fun, couples quarantine makeover segment. I can’t say enough good things about Brittney and my entire experience on the show. What struck me most about Brittney was her humility - chatting with her felt like talking to one of my best girl friends over coffee.

Brittney has appeared regularly as a style expert on nationally syndicated shows like: the Today Show, Wendy Williams, E! News, and QVC, to name a few. She also has worked with big name celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, and co-hosts the “Be My Neighbor” podcast with her actual NYC neighbor, Bevin Prince, of One Tree Hill fame.

We talk about what she learned...

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