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Today’s guest is energy personified, so get ready to get pumped with Jam Gamble, founder of Slay The Mic. Jam is a multi-passionate media personality and speaker on a mission to help people build their confidence and amplify their voice. We talk about what is currently holding your voice hostage, why she doesn’t like the term “public speaking”, her top 3 tips for sharing your story even if you believe the lie that you don’t have one or it’s not interesting enough, and how to create inclusivity and accessibility in your business.

Connect with Jam:

  3. @iamjamgamble

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • As we grow up the things that come natural to us, are often lost in adulthood.
  • Your voice goes everywhere with you.
  • You need to know first that your voice matters and you CAN use it.
  • What is holding your voice hostage?
  • When you figure out what has been interrupting your moment to shine, you can overcome fears related to speaking. This applies to life too.
  • What’s the BEST thing that can happen?
  • Where your mind goes, your life goes.
  • You are the only person who gets to decide whether or not your story matters.
  • Think it, feel it, and share it.
  • When you feel something, say it now. You don’t need validation - simply share.
  • There is no difference between your brand and your voice. They are one and the same.
  • Accessibility is more than making sure your door frame is wide enough. How accessible is your attitude or mindset?
  • When you do business, are you willing to be open to learning and helping in whatever you can?
  • How do you speak to your audience? Be mindful to your language as well and make sure it’s inclusive.
  • You don’t need to do EVERY step, just do one step every day.

What Did You Think?

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