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Hey, I'm Ellen!


My journey from "Cubicle to CEO®" began when I quit my corporate marketing job five years ago...without a backup plan.

After landing my first freelance marketing client a month into my job search, I swore off sending out resumes for good. By re-investing my profits back into the business over and over again, I bootstrapped that first $300 client project into over $2 MILLION dollars in revenue by age 28.

To date, I've mentored over 10,000 students through my online programs. 

Catch me every Monday on the Cubicle to CEO® podcast, where we bring you one new income growth strategy that's been successfully tested by a top entrepreneur or leader. We ask the questions you can't Google, so you can skip the expensive learning curve with insider secrets.

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"Let's Get Visible" Panel Replay

A no-fluff conversation with 5 visibility experts on making your brand KNOWN, LOVED, and built to LAST!

Featuring actionable tips from the Traveling Blazers:

  • Ellen Yin - Media Expert
  • Tiffany Napper - Personal Branding Expert
  • Dana Snyder - FB/IG Ads Expert
  • Elise Armitage - SEO Expert
  • Renee Bowen - Mindset Expert
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