How To Tell Stories That Captivate + Sell With Jordan Lee Dooley

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We have an exciting guest on the show today, friends. I’m thrilled to be sharing my conversation with the inspiring Jordan Lee Dooley. Jordan is a National Bestselling Author, Speaker, Creative Business Educator, and Host of the Top Rated Podcast, SHE. This Indiana Native is kind of a superstar - it’s funny because I actually went to Target for some groceries after our interview and happened to walk by Jordan’s face on the cover of her debut book, Own Your Everyday, on display in the book section. Jordan’s mission is to help people find and live their purpose through her online education platform called The Own It Academy, which is designed to help creative women start and grow small businesses from home - much like how Jordan got her start as an Etsy shop owner selling her calligraphy work. On her impressive list of accomplishments includes serving on Liberty University’s School of Business Board of Advisors, and features in Forbes as well as a spot on SUCCESS Magazine’s 30 under 30 List. Today, we dive deep into Jordan’s 3 part system for telling captivating stories that sell, how to go through a successful rebrand or even intentional pause in your business, and breaking out of the hustle mode as an entrepreneur so you can use money as a vehicle to build a life rich in the priorities that matter most to you.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Her 3 part system:
    • C - captivate
    • E - educate 
    • A - activate 
    • You don’t have to live the most interesting life to have stories worth telling. 
    • Writing in the moment or planning it out?
    • Outlining an idea when you’re inspired is a great way to create great content ahead of time.
  • Take a time period to share more of your personal life. 
  • Show your face so that people can get to know the human behind the screen
  • Breaking out of “hustle” & shifting priorities to what’s important in life
    • What can I let go? And what do I need to grow?
  • Taking a step back makes space for you to get clarity on who an aspect of your business is for, and its bigger purpose.
  • It’s okay to have seasons where you take a step back.
  • If you don’t feel like you have a grip on your brand, you can step back and make sure you & your brand is showing up according to your mission.
  • Remember your WHY.
  • With more success brings more distraction.
  • Find people to be in your corner to remind you who you are & your why.
  • Come back to the basics - how do you translate your WHY into storytelling?
  • Money is a vehicle, not an endgame.
  • Fighting comparison means turning internal, not external.
  • Letting go of control, choosing how we spend our time, owning our business & not letting our business own us.

Connect With Jordan:
2. @jordanleedooley on Instagram
3. @shepodcast on Instagram

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