Use This Pitch to Get Booked on Your Dream Podcast Shows

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We’re continuing our podcast expert series today with Kelly Glover, founder of The Talent Squad. Driven by the core belief that your personal brand is your most valuable asset, Kelly books podcast tours for entrepreneurs so they can increase their credibility, authority, visibility, and influence. 

Kelly got her start in media as a red carpet correspondent, but reveals in this episode why it’s more interesting interviewing normal people rather than celebrities. 

We chat about how to best prep for your interviews and make the most of your podcast appearances post-interview, booking your own podcast tours on other people’s shows, why you don’t need to have or be on a show with millions of listeners to create impact, and the anatomy of a perfect podcast pitch that will get you noticed and booked on your dream shows. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • It’s more interesting interviewing normal people than celebrities
  • Look for hints that will lead you to asking unique questions, and hearing new and different stories.
  • Skilled interviewers get a surprised response from the guest because they ask things that are different from the norm.
  • Biggest compliment you can get is “Oh, I’ve never been asked that before!”
  • People love talking about themselves
  • Genuine curiosity and research will serve you well.
  • You don’t need millions of listeners to your podcast. You need to simply think bigger & differently. People will catch on to what you’re doing if it’s unique and different.
  • When you pitch, you have to make sure you’ve done your research and YOU are ready for them to research you to see if you’d be a good fit for the show.
  • You have to be aware of the host, the guests, and the back catalog before you even pitch yourself. Otherwise it’s not going to be a yes.
  • What value are you offering the podcast’s audience?
  • Tracking software on your email helps a lot to see if they’ve opened your email pitch.
  • If they have opened your email with no response, they’re not interested.
  • You will use credibility as a brand if you don’t pitch in a professional way.
  • If you’re going on a podcast, you have to do the work OUTSIDE the interview itself.
  • If you are going to be a guest on a podcast, know the show, the audience, and the host.
  • Being a guest on a podcast is not INSTANT, it’s CUMULATIVE.
  • Everyone has a personal brand, and either you are making the decisions or someone else is.
  • Being a CEO means that you get to make the decisions whether they are right or whether they are wrong.


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