Why (Most) Network Marketers Struggle With Selling

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If you have ever used the words “sales,” and “icky,” in the same sentence, this one’s for you. Today we are talking all things selling, and more specifically direct sales, with founder of Emerge Sales Training, Tasha Smith. Tasha has over 20 years of experience in sales, and has trained and coached over 8,000 network marketing clients to create thriving teams and businesses full of confidence, profit, and joy.

We talk about Tasha’s customer first approach to direct selling, why the sales advice your upline gave you is probably outdated, what most network marketers don’t prioritize in their business that is hurting their growth (hint: it’s NOT recruiting more business builders), and exactly how to structure a sales conversation so you stop getting ghosted or coming across pushy.

Guys, I swear Tasha and I share the same brain because we are in complete agreement on how to sell in a way that is actually enjoyable for all parties involved -  this is honestly a great listen even if you’re not part of the network marketing industry. I use these same principles in my courses and service-based businesses daily!

So if you haven’t already, grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • When you really love your customers or clients, you’re able to solve problems so much faster.
  • Are you obsessed with your products or your people?
  • Asking “what’s hard for you?” goes such a long way.
  • Are you looking for comfort for yourself or comfort for the customer in the sales process?
  • Ask about THEM before you share your story.
  • Your side hustle should be fun!
  • Make sure that two thirds of your day is full of things that bring you joy, and one third is “taking out the garbage.”
  • Any opportunity to do market research and learn more about your people is so valuable.
  • The “usually,” approach
    • Share what you do.
    • Ask “is this something that’s important to you & your family?”
    • Respond, “Well, usually what I do is set up an appointment where we’ll go over your goals and what products can help you get there.”
    • State how long it’s going to take and ask consent.
    • No follow up needed with this approach.
  • You can’t generate trust when you’re not being transparent about what you do & what you offer.
  • Sales is psychology.
  • Sales is a simpler form of leadership.
  • Create processes that people can read from.
  • I can tell how much you make by the question you ask.
  • You’re trying to create a word of mouth army.
  • When you lose control of the sales call.
  • When you don’t have an outline, you spend too much time on trying to figure out what you’re going to say next & you aren’t actually listening.
  • Are you trying to create a win-win situation?
  • How would you approach a stranger offline? That’s how you need to approach a stranger online.
  • You have to build relationships to generate word of mouth.

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