How To Attract Consistent Clients Without a Large Audience

...or posting every day!


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Stop making the 3 big marketing mistakes that are keeping you stuck on the content hamster wheel (including the secret most "gurus" will never tell you...)
  • Create an action plan for your $10K month based on math, not guesswork.
  • Convert strangers into eager clients with a simple sales system that DOES NOT rely on a large following, expensive ads, or posting every day.

I'm a business owner, not a "guru".

This means I actually practice the skills I teach so my methods are tested, not theory.
As the founder of my own service-based business, I've helped dozens of clients explode their growth online through my Instagram marketing agency.

We've worked with everyone from scrappy start-ups to global, multi-million dollar brands!

In 3 short years, I've scaled my business from my first $300 project to $90,000+ cash MONTHS.

These days, I'm leaning into the role of educator and empowering thousands of service-based entrepreneurs to simplify their marketing so they can sell without a big audience.

I also host an award-winning podcast, Cubicle to CEO, where we feature weekly interviews with inspiring female founders on how they built their success. 

I can't wait to hang out with you in class!

Your marketing minimalist friend,

Ellen Yin



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