BlogHer Food Panel: How These Women Turned Their Passion into Profit

baking candace nelson dzung lewis entrepreneur food lori taylor youtube Nov 23, 2020

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I recently had the opportunity to moderate a panel for BlogHer Food where we heard from 3 trailblazing women on how they turned their passion into profit in the food industry. There was so much wisdom shared in our conversation, and BlogHer was generous enough to lend us this audio recording so you guys could access this panel discussion as well. The 3 amazing entrepreneurs you will meet today are Lori Taylor, Dzung Lewis, and Candace Nelson. You’ll get a chance to hear more about their impressive backgrounds when I introduce them on the panel. 

We chat about the vastly different ways they all got started, the 3 rules of business partnerships, and what people are craving right now more than ever. If you are a product based business, especially in the food space, or are wanting to create an established national brand, this episode is for you! So go grab a snack and stay tuned for the incredible insight these women share about turning their hobby into their career. 

Connect with Candace: 

  1. Pie Pop Up
  2. Instagram

Connect with Dzung: 

  1. Honeysuckle
  2.  Instagram

Connect with Lori: 

  1. Produce Moms
  2. Instagram


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How they started their businesses.
  • The importance of word of mouth.
  • Ways to make sure your team feels as fulfilled in their work as you do. 
  • The 3 crucial rules of business partnerships.
  • Stay true to your mission.
  • How greed affects business deals.
  • Fake it until you make it.
  • What people are really craving right now.

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