How to Travel For Free & Blog Full Time With Rachel Kennedy

Joining us today is none other than my gorgeous friend and blogger extraordinaire, Rachel Kennedy of The Kennedy Curate. Rachel is a full-time, sustainable fashion and travel influencer with 10 years of blogging experience and has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world. Rachel shares with us how she got started in blogging and built a loyal community, her secret for getting paid to travel, as well as her tips for how you can combine multiple passions into one dream career.  

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

Building a community is so important when your business is run primarily on the internet. This is because people need to trust you to be able to follow you, and invest in your business. 

When working as a travel blogger, it's important to reach out to the tourism board of a particular place and ask them what they want people to know about their area & if you can talk about it on your platform. Chances are, they will say yes. Be sure to tell them what you’re providing- i.e. "I can talk to my IG followers for x amount of impressions, or I can add my blog, or newsletter for more impressions or views."

Treat the people you're communicating with when doing a collaboration like real people. Ask them, "what sounds like a fair price to you?" And make it easy for them to work with you. You want to make it clear that you're looking for a relationship rather than a quick payout. 

Anytime you are going to do a collaboration, or pitch yourself to a company or travel organization, do your research. It's important to look at their social media pages, what they’re doing or trying to do, and make note of the things that they’re promoting. When pitching, make sure you mention the things you notice, but also that you can help them promote things that people may not know about their company or that particular place.

The more open you are to sharing, the more full and rich your life will be. It's never beneficial to keep good information to yourself.

As a creator, it's important to know what works well for YOU-i.e. what poses work well for you in photos. If you always look at yourself with distain when you're creating content around yourself, you miss out on enjoying the creation process. 

The number one way to avoid creator burnout is to not focus on what others are doing, and to simply create.

Walk away when you feel yourself getting nit-picky about your content because nothing is ever going to feel totally finished, and it's important to never let fear stop you from putting your message out into the world. You never know who will be impacted.

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