Landing Your Dream Job (Plus LinkedIn, Resumes & Interviews) With Career Coach, Jena Viviano

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In this week’s episode, we’re chatting with the lovely Jena Viviano, career strategist and LinkedIn expert helping women build their dream careers. Jena knows what it’s like to go through multiple career changes - she’s worked as investment banker, reported live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and spent time at The Muse, all before launching her own coaching business. Listen in for Jena’s tips on leveraging LinkedIn, the key one sheet you need to submit with your resume to stand out, selling yourself in interviews, finding a job you love, and why personal branding matters in today’s corporate world. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

 If you have the entrepreneurial itch, it will continue to nag you until you explore entrepreneurship and are hooked.

When interviewing for a job, or looking for one, your biggest task is being able to prove that you are their missing puzzle piece, and an asset to them.

An interview is mostly confidence not content.

The character of the person is what makes them a great leader, not skills.

When it comes down to finding your ideal career, it comes down to one question: what do you actually want out of your career? 

It's important to seek clarity so that you can search for the right company to work for that can offer you what you desire out of your career.

Take time to explore & understand which COMPANIES align with your values and  what you want.

A big question to think about when pursuing a new career is: what is your personal brand in your career, and what is your messaging?

For the question, “tell me about yourself,” the best way to approach that question is to NOT: Walk through your resume or tell your life story. DO: elevator pitch yourself to the interviewer.

The difference between a resume and career brand sheet: resume is a career history, and career brand sheet is your personal brand - it’s not as dense as a regular resume and highlights YOU and your skills and qualities. It tells those hiring what makes you valuable to them.

Modernize your resume to make sure it stands out. 

Make sure you use your resume well. During the short time your employer will look at your resume, what will they see?

Networking is necessary to backup your resume, and you should NOT wait to network until you need something.

You should be networking all the time, and approaching it from a place of mutual benefit.

When you network, you are pitching yourself and why them helping you is a benefit to them also.

When applying for a job it’s about prioritization and focus. Do your research on WHO and WHAT you’re applying to.

When you get friendly with rejection, then it doesn’t hurt as much, and more opportunities will come your way because you will continue to look for them.

Keep going for “no,” because you’re one step closer to “yes.”

To be on LinkedIn is the first step to getting seen by employers - 95% of employers are on LinkedIn, so FINISH YOUR PROFILE.

It helps to make your profile SEO friendly because it is a big search engine rather than a social media platform.

Make your headline specific, have a professional photo, make sure your experience is up to date, and you can copy and paste your resume in the experience section.

Explore new companies and get busy networking on Linkedin. That is actually what the site is for. LinkedIn costs companies money, so it’s great to explore a company, but be sure to actually look on their website and see all the careers that are available.

When it comes to negotiating, everyone is different. The first step is getting clear on what you want and why you deserve that. 

If you approach negotiations kindly, you can’t go wrong.

Treat your negotiation as if you’re a shark. You are worthy of what you want.

Negotiate SOMETHING. That way you get the experience negotiating which will serve you later.

Follow up with the hiring manager, send thank you notes 24 hours after the interview to help keep you top of mind.

Leaders don’t waste time on people they don’t want to spend time with.

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