How To Use The Enneagram to Become A Better Communicator & Business Leader With Steph Barron Hall of Nine Types Co.

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The enneagram personality test has exploded in popularity in recent years, so I was super intrigued by my conversation with Steph Barron Hall, founder of Nine Types Co. Steph is a coach, speaker, and writer who uses the Enneagram to help people get out of their own way and build a life they love! She walks me through a typing session to help match me to my enneagram type and what it means, her secrets to growing her online community to 139,000 in less than a year, and how to use the Enneagram to be a better communicator and team leader. If you’re curious what Enneagram type you are, check out Steph’s self-typing guide below.

 Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • There are three triads of the Enneagram: the head triad, the heart triad, and the body triad.
  • Types three, six, and nine, each are in the center of their triads, each perceive the world through their core intelligence center (head, heart, or body), but they also repress feelings from that same intelligence center.
  • The Enneagram is motivation based and it explains a lot about who you are, as well as uncovering your areas of growth.
  • Two different types on the enneagram can execute the same action, but with different sources of motivation.
  • People want connection, and be able to relate to others better. They do not feel that others see them and can understand their struggles specifically.
  • It’s important to learn that not everyone is like you and grow in your self awareness to be an effective leader and team member.
  • Stances: there are three stances within each triad: the aggressive stance, the dependent stance, and withdrawn stance.
  • Understanding each stance and how to communicate to each kind of stance will create breakthrough in team communication.
  • Everyone is needed. Each of us has a “superpower” that a team needs.
  • Tangible takeaways to becoming a better team communicator.
    • Start with self awareness. What story are you telling yourself? 
    • Return to the question, “are my intentions being reflected through my words and actions?”
    • Learn the Enneagram, so you can understand yourself and others better.

Connect With Steph:

1. On Instagram: @ninetypesco
2. Online:
3. Her self-Typing guide:

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