The Power of Following Your Intuition With Rachel O’Rourke

In this episode, we are joined by my fearless friend and fellow Oregonian, Rachel O'Rourke. Rachel is the Founder and CEO of SPARK Events, an event company that facilitates self-development summits dedicated to supporting women who are ready to show up in the world. In her upcoming book - "27 Things", Rachel shares the twenty-seven things that are holding women back from making their lives extraordinary, and the action steps to take to spark a major shift in each area. Listen to hear the miraculous story of how Rachel quit her 9 to 5 and the transformative magic of following your intuition.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode


If you want to start making the most of your morning, start by gradually waking up earlier and earlier over the course of two weeks or so.


Invest in the right people. Skills can be taught, but it’s incredibly important that you’re working with someone who understands you, and who shares your goals and vision.


You can rewire your thoughts. It’s a matter of recognizing your negative thoughts and choosing to believe otherwise.


When we ask for stuff, our path is laid out through our intuition. If you listen to it, THEN the next step will reveal itself. 


When you stop planning out your roadmap and trust your intuition, you will find where you want to go. Be mindful of signs around you that may be telling you to pivot.


You have the ability to do amazing things with the life and the privilege you have, and other women are watching you whether you know it or not. So, it’s important to take note of that, and work to better the world.


People are more likely to show up for themselves when they have skin in the game, meaning a financial commitment.


The environment that you’re in is very important to your overall wellbeing. How are you protecting your energy when you’re in an environment that’s draining you? If you can change your environment-change it. 


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