Not Just a Buzzword: How To Be A Truly Sustainable Business

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Over the last few years, companies everywhere have been making a conscious effort to implement sustainability into their business models, but I feel that few have done it with the long-term vision and intentionality of one of my favorite brands, Boma. 

Boma is a handmade, ethical jewelry brand paving the way for social purpose corporations that believe in the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits.

Today I have the honor of talking with my friend, factory owner, and CEO of Boma, Suzanne Vetillart, to get her perspective on what building a truly sustainable business looks like beyond the walls of manufacturing and product creation. 

After spending her post-grad years working in architecture and becoming a mom of four, Suzanne realized she needed a change of pace in her career. She returned to the family-owned jewelry business her parents founded and stepped into the role of CEO.

My conversation with Suzanne left me thinking about how so many social-impact businesses overlook how they can give back internally, starting with their own company footprint and people. It’s challenged me to rethink “sustainability” as just another buzzword, and I know you’ll be inspired by Suzanne’s wisdom to implement changes in your business too. 

Keep listening to hear the refreshing reason why Suzanne WANTS Boma to be copied by other companies, how leaders can promote sustainability in their teams and culture, ways to innovate, and why we need more diverse examples of what a CEO looks like.


Connect with Suzanne:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How Boma operates with sustainability as a core belief.
  • “Great things take time to build.”
  • The ways leaders can build sustainability in their team + culture.
  • There’s a disconnect between the creators + consumers... we forget there is a face behind each product.
  • How to give back within own footprint.
  • Innovation comes in many forms but it boils down to a way of thinking.
  • Why she decided to change her career after becoming a mom of 4.
  • What she loves + struggles most with being a CEO.
  • How she shows a different type of leader and stereotype of what a CEO looks like.


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