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For 9 years, my business was a side hustle. I always thought that having the security of a full-time job was what I needed to make sure I was successful financially. But the W2 job was holding me back. I eventually realized that I could do this on my own, but I needed a step-by-step plan. And that’s why I joined Cubicle to CEO. 

Joining Ellen’s membership was such a pivotal moment for my accounting business. Before the membership, my messaging wasn’t aligned with the services I was offering so my conversion rate was pretty low. And I had zero confidence during discovery calls! Because I was trying to serve everyone, I hated my services and lacked confidence in my work. Plus I was working with so many wrong-fit clients that I was on the path to burnout. 

Cubicle to CEO showed me how to talk to my ideal client, narrow down my focus, and how to position my messaging so potential clients would value my expertise. The Consistent Clients Cashflow System gave me the structured system I needed to  grow to the next level so I could stop flying by the seat of my pants. My discovery calls went from hour long sessions with potential clients who went off on long tangents and abused my time for free strategy to now efficient, short calls where I feel confident and in control. 

My biggest win was my husband overhearing my discovery calls and telling me how much I’d improved. Plus I met my web designer in the program! I’ve saved hours of wasted time and my sales conversion rate has more than doubled from 20-30% to 50-60% (and sometimes even 70%). 

Instead of being transactional with my clients, we’ve built ongoing relationships. My average client now spends 2-4x more money with me than they did before. We made more money during the first quarter of 2021 than the whole of 2020 - even if I don’t add a single new client for the rest of the year, my business will still make six figures this year.Most importantly, I have a greater sense of peace that I can be successful. 

To celebrate my team’s hard work and the success of my business, I took my assistant and two part-time nannies out for a spa day. If I wasn’t the CEO of my business, I couldn’t just take a random day off during the week or afford to hire any help for my business and kids. Instead, I got to show my gratitude and pamper each of them with a massage and day of relaxation by the pool.

If you’re on the fence about joining Cubicle to CEO, the investment is a fraction of a 1:1 coaching program but it’s so comprehensive that it’s incredible value if you’re committed to doing the work. I enjoyed working with Ellen and her team. I felt like I was getting the special attention I needed to support me throughout the various stages of the membership. It’s more than paid for itself!”

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