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10 Simple Strategy Shifts To Unlock Your First $10K Month

Free Live Masterclass on July 28th, 2022 @ 11am and 6pm PT

After this masterclass, you will be able to:

  • ELIMINATE 10 income-losing obstacles that are keeping you hidden from your dream clients, stuck charging low rates, and hustling on the content hamster wheel.

  • APPLY 10 simple, income-boosting shifts that will forever free you from posting every day or obsessing over ever-changing algorithms so you can finally book consistent clients.

  • DISCOVER how to position yourself as the OBVIOUS choice for your dream clients so you can charge premium (4 to 5 figure) rates for your 1:1 services, even in your first year of business. 

  • REVERSE ENGINEER and follow a step-by-step SYSTEM to make your first $10,000 month - or ANY revenue goal - without a large following, posting every day, or even a website!

Wins from service providers & coaches just like you who applied the key shifts I reveal in this free masterclass!

Hey, I'm Ellen!

Founder & Podcast Host of Cubicle to CEO®

My journey from "Cubicle to CEO®" began when I quit my corporate marketing job five years ago...without a backup plan.

After landing my first freelance marketing client a month into my job search, I swore off sending out resumes for good. By re-investing my profits back into the business over and over again, I bootstrapped that first $300 client project into over $1.5 MILLION dollars in revenue by age 27.

To date, I've mentored over 10,000 students through my online programs. My year-long group mentorship helps solopreneurs who sell one-on-one client services make their first $10K month - without a large audience or posting every day.

Catch me every Monday on the Cubicle to CEO® podcast, where we bring you one new income growth strategy that's been successfully tested by a top entrepreneur or leader. 

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