How To 10x Launch Engagement With Norby’s Tools For Creators & Brands


Norby has been a game changer for our business. If you are looking for a platform that can directly connect you with your community and increase live showup rates, as well as get in-depth analytics, optimize your link in bio, and allow your audience to refer you to their own network, then sign up for a 2-week free trial with Norby! (P.S if you add in your card info in those first two weeks, you get an additional month free. That's 6 WEEKS of free Norby use! Definitely something you don't want to miss out on!)

If you receive our weekly podcast texts on Mondays, then you have today’s guest to thank for keeping you up to speed. Sam Safer is co-founder and COO of Norby, a venture-backed startup building the marketing stack for creators, community leaders, and emerging brands. Although she is currently changing the social tech space for creators, her resume spans working for startups like Bulletin and legacy brands like the V&A and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as many entrepreneurial endeavors pre-Norby, including a published book, a sales and marketing agency, AND her own fashion jewelry line. 

Today Sam will be sharing how creators & brands use Norby’s innovative social tools to 10x the number of people participating in their product launches, skyrocket their click-through rates in their link in bios, and get their community to spread the word for them through Norby’s referrals feature. 

Connect with Sam:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How Sam discovered her dream job working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art wasn't actually a good fit. 
  • Left her job and started a company with a co-worker from the Met and how it was effected by COVID. 
  • How and why she started Norby with her co-founders.
    • They launched a culture calendar site that really took off and people wanted to utilize for their own businesses.
  • Who is Norby for?
    • It is a one-stop marketing promotion platform for creatives & brands who want to own their own audience. 
    • "The algorithm isn't always your friend."
    • They're trying to transform your audience from a number on your profile to a relationship you have control of.
  • How Norby's features helped Harper Sage 10x the number of people participating in their launches and sent their link in bio click-through rates through the roof.
  • Sam shares advice on how to look at data to optimize your link in bio.
  • How Bulletin used Norby to put on their first virtual trade show.
  • Why it is so beneficial to be able to directly identify your superfans and nurture those relationships.
  • Why Norby doesn't have additional ticketing fees for events.


  • Morning person or night person?
  • What strange food pairing do you love that no one else understands?
  • What is your least favorite word?


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