How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2020

instagram algorithm instagram marketing instagram strategy Nov 24, 2019

A few years ago, Instagram stopped showing posts in chronological order, which made the Instagram community freak out.

People felt that their businesses were going to tank because they relied so heavily on Instagram.

Course creators had to pull their content because it suddenly became outdated.

Despite all the changes that Instagram is going through, you can still get more clients and subscribers.

The best Instagram strategy? Direct messages.

Of all the changes Instagram's imposed on you, direct messages haven't been majorly impacted.

And in the direct messages is where the magic of connection happens.

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How to use Direct Messages to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Your Instagram feed is no longer in chronological order but your direct messages are!

The best way to slide into someone's DM's without seeming creepy or invasive is to respond to their Instagram stories. 

Watch their story, listen, and ask a genuine question related to the story they posted.

There are two reasons why you want to respond to other people's stories:

  • This makes them feel seen and heard (which is universally what we all want) FIRST. Before you say anything about yourself or your business, you are acknowledging them.
  • They'll likely check out your profile and view your Instagram stories too, which will bump your Instagram story to the front of the story feed on their home page next time you post a story, if they choose to follow you. 

Not only do you have a warm introduction into someone's DMs now, you'll also consistently show up on their stories feed which increases the chances that they'll interact with you again.

Hopefully, the connection will continue and you'll keep having conversations.

Action Step: Set a numerical goal for how many Instagram stories you want to respond to every day.

If you're new to direct messaging, you may want to start slow with 5 story replies per day.

If you're more comfortable with one on one communication, go for more! But remember to break up your outreach into batches so Instagram doesn't block you for going too fast (or because it thinks you're a bot).

Experiment with a number that feels comfortable to you and hit that goal every single day. You'll watch your connections and business grow quickly because of the genuine relationships you've made with your audience.

Let's face it. We're constantly being marketed to every day.

When your audience is being bombarded with Instagram ads, marketing pitches, and cold sales DM's every day, it's just nice to see someone say hello and give a real response to their Instagram story.

You can be that person for them 😊

I'd love to hear what your magic number for connections is with your Instagram story replies. Leave a comment below!

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