4 Ways To Show Social Proof on IG Stories & Sell Through Instagram DM

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If you’re looking for tangible Instagram marketing tips to implement, this is the episode for you. Today I’m chatting with my friend Shannon Lutz, owner of The Social Bungalow. Shannon has a true gift for teaching, and I’m so excited for you guys to hear her breakdown of how to create social proof on Instagram stories using her 4 part methodology: Results, Money Where Your Mouth is, Showing You’re In Demand, and Mini Trainings. My other favorite parts of our conversation include what she learned from marketing for celebrities like J. Lo and A Rod, unique strategies to convert your followers into buyers in DMs, and why business is a continual pivot.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Business is a continual pivot. 
  • Who you are is a complex, interwoven tapestry of your unique skillset.
  • Biggest differences in growing your business vs. climbing the corporate ladder is how much more you take on because the business is solely yours - you wear all the hats.
  • What she learned about marketing the “greats”:
    • There’s a lot more planning & reputation management when it comes to marketing the big names.
    • Authority is key. We have to establish authority and be leaders to our communities.
    • The way you present yourself on social as an authority on your subject matter is connecting to your audience.
  • Relationship/relate-ability and marketing:
    • To be able to know your audience is a privilege. 
    • Operating from radical care: put work into community nurture - continuing to build relationships with your people.
    • Stay in the thick of things & remember details about people.
    • Make sure when you reach out, it’s GENUINE and you take time to really connect. 
  • How to hit every sector of your audience:
    • Nurture to the point of conversion. 
    • People will come and go at different points in your business & in your life.
  • Social proof on stories is so important. 
  • Show: results, money where your mouth is, showing you're in demand, mini trainings.
  • Money where your mouth is:
    • Showing that you practice what you preach is key to building trust. This helps people know that you understand what they may be going through and the benefit of doing what you’re talking about doing.
    • You can’t expect people to invest in you if you don’t invest in people to help you.
    • If you’re solving a big enough problem for people, the value of that service is exponentially more and price won’t be an issue. 
    • If you can get to the emotional root of why people are seeking your service, then you’ll be able to really help people.
  • In demand:
    • Gives you an opportunity to dazzle, and show your ability to address people’s questions and your authority.
  • Mini trainings:
    • Showing your zone of genius is incredibly important.
  • Creating small pattern interrupts are important to making sure people continue to tune in.
  • Unique strategies to convert through DMs:
    • When you show up strong on stories, people are going to be attracted to your DMs
    • Hop on voice memo & explain something from a place of giving.
    • Coach from the DMs.
  • Providing free value
    • It’s important to share SOME not ALL of your paid for content. About 30%.
    • Create a boundary line of when you’ll offer a call with the person. So it’s important to go into the conversation with a knowledge of that boundary.
  • What does being a CEO mean to you
    • Being a CEO comes from a place of innovation & optimum value.
    • Being an innovator of your greater vision.


Connect With Shannon:

1. @thesocialbungalow on Instagram
2. The Social Bungalow Online

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