How This 25 Year Old Went From $82K in Debt To Traveling First Class To 47 Countries (For Free) While Making Millions

credit entrepreneurship get out of debt making money managing credit travel hacking yan stavisski Jun 15, 2020

My favorite part of recording this podcast is being exposed to new and different worlds in the online space, and this week’s guest - Yan Stavisski - is introducing us to the fascinating world of travel hacking and credit hacking, the practice of leveraging credit to produce positive cashflow. 

Yan went from drowning in $82,000 of credit card debt just 3 years ago to running a 7 figure company by the age of 25. He did this all while traveling 47 countries and getting  nearly $500,000 worth of first class flights and travel perks for free. Yan shares some really interesting insights with us today, but I want to preface our conversation by reminding you that nothing in this episode should be taken as legal financial advice from Yan or myself as a prescription for what you should do. This is simply Yan sharing his own story and his unique experiences. As with all financial strategies, there is risk and personal responsibility involved. 

My hope is this episode encourages you to think outside the box and familiarize yourself with the concept of how leverage can be used to grow a business (whether through credit, investing, ads, or whatever vehicle you choose).

Listen in to hear the number one skill all successful entrepreneurs must develop, how to travel for free, and the common mistakes business owners make when applying for and using credit, as well the best ways to leverage it for access to capital and growth.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • If you want to start your own business, learn sales.
  • When you are the leader in your business, until you hit a certain revenue line, your number one goal should be sales.
  • Understanding sales is the lifeline of any business you create.
  • Growth happens when you come into a room where you are surrounded by people who are doing “better” than you.
  • Sales is communication & problem solving. It’s finding a problem and knowing what the solution can be, communicating with others how they can come with you, see your vision, and solve that problem.
  • Sales is a collaboration. 
  • Lean into your curiosity.
  • Learn about which credit cards come with which benefits.
  • Go find the people who know more than you, and give them value in exchange for value.
  • Beginning business owners with no capital - your first focus should be premium cards because of higher limits.
  • Build rapport with the customer service rep of the credit card company.
  • Just because you’re scaling your personal credit limit, doesn’t mean you need to spend that much. It shows you’re responsibly using your credit.
  • Do not leverage credit for something that won’t generate cashflow.
  • Prove your offer first organically, and then inject cash to acts like fuel to the fire.
  • Being a CEO means that you can create a solution to a big problem & your vision to accomplish that is something that you can communicate to others

What Did You Think?

What surprised you the most about how you can run a business and travel for free? Leave a comment below!


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