5 Easy Steps to Start Your Podcast This Month

entrepreneurship podcast grow your podcast podcast for business podcasting start a podcast Jul 12, 2020

If you’ve been itching to start a podcast, today’s episode is for you. One year ago, I was struggling with a major case of procrastination and tech overwhelm for launching this very show, until I hired my friend, Chase Chewning, and he and his team helped me go live with the Cubicle to CEO podcast in 30 days. It truly feels full circle to celebrate the one year anniversary month of our show by having him on with us today.

Chase Chewning is the founder of Operation Podcast and host of Ever Forward Radio. After suffering career-ending injuries while serving on active duty in the Army, Chase was forced into a major career change. He spent several years coaching in the health and fitness industry before taking his passion online and finding his true calling in podcasting.

Today we talk about all the tips & tricks he’s learned from amassing over one million podcast episode downloads, including how to monetize your show without sponsors, developing deeper relationships with your listeners, why podcasting is the best platform for evergreen content, and the 5 simple steps you can take to launch your own podcast show this month - without a budget or fancy equipment.

Also, his voice is the textbook definition of a voice made for radio, so keep listen in to hear for yourself.
Connect With Chase:

1. http://www.operationpodcast.com/
2. On IG: @chase_chewning

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Keep showing up. If you want to grow a podcast, make it a non-negotiable.
  • To get the listenership in the beginning, bring on guests that have larger audiences than you.
  • Networking always serves you. It’s a value add to the relationship building process of your business.
  • Test things out. See what sticks & what doesn’t in terms of your community.
  • The one platform to pay attention to, is Apple Podcasts. What is Apple doing? Follow what they’re doing if you want to grow your podcast.
  • Pay attention to spammy titles and show notes.
  • When sharing, don’t stay married to one platform. Share different platforms.
  • Keep up with platform news.
  • Environment is your best friend - record in a small room with any kind of soundproofing. Closets are best.
  • Make sure the mic or your phone are the same distance apart each time your record. 
  • Batch record. You’re building something new, so it’s important to batch to make sure you have some opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • A podcast should be as long as it should be. Wrap things up when the conversation starts to go stale.
  • The more intention you put behind the STRATEGY behind your show, the more it will grow.
  • Having the intention of “why am I doing this?” Will help drive your decisions as to what makes sense for YOU and YOUR podcast.
  • Use a podcast as a platform to promote your own services/products.
  • If you’re not using your podcast for affiliate marketing, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Be very aware of your message and your audience.
  • Make yourself a brand instead of just a podcast. Branding sponsorship deals is a great way to monetize a podcast when you make your podcast a BRAND.
  • Podcasting is EVERGREEN content. Meaning you can edit in new ads into old episodes - you never know who is listening to your old content.
  • The obstacle is the way!
  • Everything has a purpose for you regardless if it is wrapped in a bow or in a horrible experience.
  • Being a CEO means you don’t have to wait 20,30 years and follow someone else’s timeline.

What Did You Think?

What would you name your podcast if you decided to start one? Leave a comment below!


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