5 Listeners Ask Me Their Burning Business Questions

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We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of this show! To celebrate we decided to host a fun giveaway and invite five listeners to come on the show and ask me any question they had about their business, and I would answer it hot-seat style. So, that’s this episode! We have five amazing business owners asking really insightful questions that I think a lot of you will find really beneficial, not only to have those questions answered, but to know that you’re not alone in this thing called entrepreneurship! 

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Connect With Our Amazing Winners

1. Cassie Nadeau, Singer and songwriter of Cassie Nadeau Music or on IG: @cassienadeaumusic
2. Jackie Ciaramella, Coach of Whole9Family or on IG: @whole9family
3. Janelle McMiller,  Gratitude & Forgiveness Life coach and the founder/CEO of Syncquility - a community that focuses on Personal Growth & Sisterhood or on IG: @mrsjanellem
4. Jordan Wavra Holistic Nutritionist and Coach of Jordan Wavra Coaching or on IG: @jordanwavra
5. Tess & Chelsea Cox of Tess Cox and Associates

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Invest in yourself and your skillsets. 
  • You can’t shortcut your way to success, but you can avoid other people’s mistakes.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Don’t take on too much too soon in your business.
  • Focus on ONE service or product. More products do not equal more money.
  • Build a repeatable sales system to bring traffic to your one offer.
  • Build out a hierarchy chart so that you know all the different roles in your business.
  • Hire out the tasks that take up the most time and you enjoy the least, first.
  • When you have a business IG account, you will get to see more insights and metrics that help you understand more about how your content is performing.
  • Don’t make decisions based off of emotions. Make decisions based off of data instead - the insights you’ll get from being a business profile will help you make necessary decisions in your business.
  • People buy from people, so just because you have a business profile, doesn’t mean you need to change anything about how you show up online.
  • If you have not yet made your first six figures in your business, the most efficient way to get there is to focus on scaling ONE offer first.
  • What is the most profitable aspect of your business?
  • The power of one - your messaging will convert better if you’re speaking to one person who wants one specific result.
  • Build a value ladder.
  • A dollar saved is more valuable than a dollar earned.
  • The best way to maximize time and money in business is online digital products and services.
  • Build a sales machine that is repeatable and doesn’t require your one on one time.


What Did You Think?

Which question did you resonate with most? Leave a comment below!


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