Why Your Page Design is Losing You Sales - Does “Pretty” Convert?

cfdesign school design hacking graphic design kathryn jones web design Sep 08, 2020

This week, we’re talking about something way outside of my scope of knowledge, DESIGN. But specifically, how design impacts sales. Kathryn Jones is probably the most personable and energetic human you’ll have the pleasure of meeting, and she is the expert on a process called “Design Hacking.” Through her signature program, CF Design School, Kathryn helps thousands of students design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that are visually engineered to convert - all without coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills. 

We talk about how heartbreak inspired her to start her business, the science of how to present your story visually in a way that converts, her personal journey from “no one knows my name” to sharing the stage with giants in the industry like Tony Robbins, and why when it comes to sales, good design does not always mean pretty.

Kathryn talks a mile a minute, which I personally love as someone who always listens to podcasts or voice texts on 2X or even 3X speed, so I hope you can keep up with this fast-paced, value packed conversation!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • People determine the credibility of your website in 0.05 seconds.
  • 95 percent of what people judge is your design.
  • You could have the best product or copy in the world, but if your design doesn’t keep people on the page, you’ve lost.
  • Design is more of a science than you'd think.
  • When you learn how to present a story in a way that converts, your story then becomes your customer’s story.
  • Some of the “suckiest” things that happen to us, bring the most clarity to our lives.
  • Art is subjective, but design is a science.
  • A funnel is holding a customer’s hand throughout a sale.
  • Good design does not mean “pretty," it means conversions.
  • We have to design according to what the customer is expecting.
  • Figure out what’s ALREADY working in:
    • Your niche
    • With your existing customers
    • Who’s killing it and getting your ideal customers to do what you want them to do.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to OBSERVE what is already working.
  • One inch adjustments make massive differences in your business.
  • We are always just a tiny tweak away.
  • You beat a machine with a movement, and you start a movement through presenting stories that convert.
  • Being a CEO means you know who you are and you act like it.

What Did You Think?

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