When are you ready for FB ads?

business strategy facebook ads fb ads marketing strategy tanya neufeld the strategiste Sep 14, 2020

I get so many questions about ads, so I’m pumped to have my friend Tanya on the podcast today to talk about when is a good time to use ads as a strategy in your business and what you should consider before running paid traffic.

Tanya Neufeld, founder of the Strategiste, is a former Facebook employee with a New York City agency background, so she has the insider scoop on all things Facebook ads. She runs a holistic consultancy for struggling solopreneurs who are looking to grow online with authentic and creative systems.

We chat about the mistake of trying to scale a business that isn’t ready to be scaled, how to run low cost ads as a way to gather helpful data about your audience, and her iceberg framework to running a true no-hustle business.

Whether you’re brand new to ads or a seasoned pro, this episode is a great reminder to re-evaluate the parts of our business that tend to get ignored but are vital to long-term success. 

Connect With Tanya:

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Ads are meant to add fuel to an already burning fire. Not START the fire.
  • Once you know you have something you can sell, run LOW LEVEL ads and think of it as market research.
  • Learn about who engages with your ads, and how they engage.
  • If you want to use ads as a funnel, you have to make sure people are buying your offer first.
  • Get consistent sending a weekly email and practice sales calls.
  • There’s a lot of active work that makes something passive.
  • The top of the iceberg is the tangible work you do.
  • A true no-hustle business is built on the intangible work.
  • With any shortcut comes an expensive and ugly ride.
  • Cash and operations are often ignored, but CRUCIAL to sustaining your business.
  • It’s not enough to view yourself as the CEO, but we should see ourselves as a Shareholder in your business.

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