How a College Dropout Built a Multi-Million Dollar Global Brand

authenticity in business cubicle to ceo ellen yin emma isaacs growing a business networking in business winging it Oct 18, 2020

You guys get to meet one of my business heros today! I am thrilled to be sharing my conversation with bestselling author & CEO, Emma Isaacs. 

Emma is the founder and CEO of Business Chicks, a community that reaches 500,000 women worldwide. Not only that, but she is a bestselling author and a mom to six kids (she even live streamed the birth of her sixth child, how badass!) 

I love Emma because she embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship with her philosophy of winging it - we chat in depth about why taking action beats planning every time in business.

Her new book, Winging It, is actually kicking off our inaugural Cubicle to CEO Book Club at the end of this month! If you’re interested in joining us, shoot me a DM @missellenyin so I can give you the invite.

Keep reading to learn how this college dropout owned a successful recruiting business by age 18, grew the Business Chicks community from 200 women to over half a million, and her top tips for networking that has landed her in the company and friendship of legends like Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington.

Connect with Emma:

  2. @emmaisaacs
  3. Get a copy of Winging It!

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • In business, we can spend too much time overanalyzing instead of looking within for the answers.
  • Enthusiasm is a really underestimated skill that we can have.
  • Sometimes a beginner’s mindset is an asset.
  • Relationships and sales are everything.
  • Scaling involves piggy backing off of bigger brands.
  • Who you say “no” to determines who you can say “yes” to.
  • Being in service to others is the biggest way to build relationships & grow.
  • You have to have a spirit of generosity in order to build trust and relationships to grow.
  • At the beginning of your career, you have to have the expectation of giving much more than you are receiving.
  • Take your time when approaching someone you want to ask for something.
  • Ask a lot of questions - be curious. 
  • Don’t talk about you at all until the last 5 minutes of the conversation. Spend the most time asking about them.
  • People will find you more interesting when you ask more questions more than simply speaking.
  • Find the courage in the doing, and let your life surprise you.
  • Be pragmatic, not dramatic.
  • Use the responsibility and privilege of being a CEO as a force for good.


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