How To Build a 7 Figure Digital Downloads & Templates Shop

affiliate boundary setting contracts customer experience entrepreneurship Dec 14, 2020

I was so impressed with my conversation with today’s guest, Christina Scalera - and not just because she’s managed to take almost 8 months off this year while still running a 7 figure business.

Christina is the attorney and founder of The Contract Shop, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches.

I can’t stress enough how important a solid legal foundation for your business is, so if you need any contracts, check out The Contract Shop here!

The queen of D-Commerce, Christina now teaches other entrepreneurs how they too can create their own highly profitable digital downloads shop with her course, Products on Tap.

Also, Christina has an Ultimate Product Creation Plan, which includes all the tools you need to build your own digital download product and provide your audience with the ‘done-for-you’ resources they have been searching for. Go to to get access to this incredible FREE resource!

Listen in to learn how she built a powerful affiliate program, why she purposely paused business growth for a few months to focus on optimizing the customer experience, the key differences between writing a high converting product description page versus traditional sales page or sales funnel, and how she has created her dream schedule that allows her to work as much or as little as she wants to. Christina drops so much knowledge in this one, so grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in.

Connect with Christina: 


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The lost sales funnel is retention. 
  • How to create an efficient and effective affiliate program.
  • Why micro-influencers are your secret weapon when it comes to affiliate marketing.
  • Ask your customers why they are / aren't buying your offering.
  • Walk through your online sales process as if you were a customer.
  • The differences between a sales page and a product description page.
  • How she built her dream work schedule using an online store front.
  • Spend a lot of time researching, but when you invest your money you need to trust the process you invested in.
  • The positive impact that setting boundaries has had on Christina and her team's relationship with work.


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