How to Pose Without Being a Poser: Can Curated Content Coexist With Being Your True Self on Social Media?

american idol authenticity career pivot entrepreneurship photoshoots posing quigley goode Feb 08, 2021

Not everyone can win over Simon Cowell, but today’s guest did just that to get her golden ticket to Hollywood.

Quigley, aka Casey Goode, shined as a contestant on season 8 of American Idol before getting cut during the semifinals round. Even though her dreams of making it as a musician came to a halt, Quigley’s true spotlight moment didn’t come until she discovered her love of photoshoot design & production, putting her creative genius front and center instead of letting a show define her story. Since then, she has become a digital content creator super star with her popular blog and Instagram account, @officiallyquigley, amassing 330,000 loyal followers. If her gorgeous shoots don’t wow you, then her authentic personality will definitely make you a fan! Seriously, go check out her account. Her photo game is unmatched.

These days, Quigley loves spending time with her husband and adorable baby, creating unique content, and teaching self-care and mindset to other creators through her education company, Soulcial Media

I actually first connected with Quigley when we collaborated on her Creator Course Bundle last year, and she truly has one of the best hearts. 

Listen in to hear us talk about the best tips for creating eye-catching photos for social media, the importance of showing off the unedited parts of life, and why quitting can be a good thing when you pause one passion to give yourself the time to pursue another.

Connect with Quigley:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The story of how her 14 day old baby got COVID.
  • Her American Idol + music industry experience.
  • How she gets inspired for a photoshoot.
  • The best steps for starting content creation.
  • Her top 3 posing secrets.
  • Why she balances her content with both curated and real posts. 
  • You can pause one passion to give yourself time to pursue another. You can always go back!
  • The thing that all big time entrepreneurs have in common.
  • "How can investors be willing to invest 100% of themselves into you when you don't invest in yourself?"
  • Why you have to let go of the things that aren't serving you, even when it is hard.
  • The reason Quigley wanted to help teach people about the psychological elements of creating content and to tap into their deeper selves.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through joint ventures or brand partnerships.
  • How using power teams will help your business grow.


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