How to Grow Your Business by Prioritizing People over Profit with Nicole Wagner

direct sales makeup artist nicole wagner rodan + fields small business Dec 23, 2019

Today, I am sitting down with my lovely friend, Nicole Wagner. Nicole is an award-winning makeup artist and founder of “Powder Inc”, a team of talented hair & makeup artists based in Portland, Oregon. She launched her own product line with custom makeup brushes and recently expanded to offer her own lash line as well. Outside of Powder Inc., she also runs a successful network marketing business with Rodan + Fields and hit the top 2 percent of the company within just 5 months, now leading 800 women in 3 countries. Nicole shares her advice for getting scrappy and filling a need in the marketplace, why prioritizing people over profit is so important, and how to succeed in direct sales. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

When you’re launching a business, it’s important to make sure that people know and trust you. That way people will trust what you do when you branch out into new endeavors.

Fear is the biggest thing that holds people back-when you are using dialogue “I am overwhelmed, I don’t know if I can do this,” they’re employing a victim mindset.

Mindset work as an entrepreneurship is everything.

Get scrappy. Handing out business cards at industry events is one example of how you can get creative and be brave enough to put yourself out there.

Just jump in, and deal with the roadblocks when you get there. Don’t create them for YOURSELF.

Success comes when you prioritize people over profit, not the other way around.

None of us are without struggle. It’s important to own the struggle & ask for help.

It’s always beneficial to offer something when you ask for something.

When you get real with people, it makes it easier for people to look to you as someone they can trust.

Trying to be authentic will not work. The truth of who you are always comes out.

It’s ok to be picky when it comes to referrals. The more that you give referrals to other people, the more others will refer you.

We are all an expert at something. 

Don’t just say, “oh I’m a ____”. When you cast too wide a net, it won’t relate to people because it’s too broad.

You need to understand your ideal customer and their pain points by doing market research. It will help drastically when it comes to marketing.

Connect With Nicole:

Connect With Nicole:



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