Color Psychology & Visibility Tips with Michelle Lewis

branding color psychology entrepreneurship public speaking tedx visibility in business Feb 09, 2020

We dive deep into visibility with today’s guest, Michelle Lewis. Michelle is an Amazon best-selling author, podcast host, TedX speaker, and founder of The Celebrity CEO Method. She teaches online CEOs how to skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy, and start landing press for their brand using Hollywood techniques inside her membership, the Visibility Lounge. Michelle breaks down color psychology and why color is so important in your branding, the difference between being everywhere online and showing up effectively, and how to get your first speaking opportunity if you dream of the TedX stage.


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Attracting your ideal client well is based on THEM, not you.
  • When it comes to brand differentiation start with something as simple as your brand color.
  • Branding colors give people a specific feeling in a specific part of their body, so when you choose a brand color, you want to take into account the way you want to make people feel when they see it.
  • Differentiating your message is KEY to being able to book visibility and publicity opportunities.
  • Visibility does NOT mean maximum output.
  • There is a difference between getting everywhere, and showing up effectively.
  • Visibility needs to be a definitive leg of your business strategy rather than a crazed attempt to show up everywhere all the time.
  • It’s important to find what YOU love to do, & work on building an audience in the short term AND long term.
  • Before you start pitching yourself, you need to have your branding in place to  pitch yourself with confidence. 
  • It’s important to ask yourself the question of, “am I at the right place in my visibility plan to jump into a podcast or other long-term funnel filler?”
  • A great press kit includes a unique identifier, professional photography, a powerful brand video, and be able to identify two to three talking points where you thrive. 
  • If you have the right elements, a brand video will open the door to opportunities you never thought possible.
  • Your brand video should be anywhere from two to three minutes. And if you’re nervous, you can do photos and a voiceover.
  • Even if you feel inadequate, it doesn’t mean you should take yourself out of the running for an opportunity. 
  • Leave the “no,” to someone else.
  • When you get into public speaking, all your issues will come out "violently."
  • A signature speech is a great place to start, but then once you grow, you can build a signature speech around a particular topic that you get hired to speak on.
  • When wanting to book speaking engagements, work on your key stories and outlining your speech. 
  • Create a tangible outcome for the audience when you speak.
  • Being a CEO means being a leader and having an impact. 

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