Get Clients without a Huge Following

instagram marketing marketing tips social outreach Nov 26, 2019

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by the online marketing world.


When I talk to my members in Cubicle to CEO, one of the issues I always hear is that aspiring business owners don't make big moves because they're stuck in analysis paralysis.

You hear so many different pieces of advice from online gurus and coaches that you're stuck wondering what's right for you.

You don't want to choose the wrong strategy and lose sales but you're also not doing anything, out of fear.

The information overwhelm makes you feel small because...

  • You don't have thousands of followers.
  • You don't have thousands of dollars to invest in a fancy website.
  • You don't have a big email list.

There's this idea that you need to have a huge following with a giant email list of warm leads in order to be successful or sell anything.

It's not true.

When I quit my job in 2017, I had 3,000 followers, posted maybe once a week, and still managed to make $300k in revenue. I'm not saying it was easy and that I have some big secret. I'm saying that your marketing strategy doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.

Make real connections

Traditional marketing depends on you staying visible and posting constantly so you're always on people's news feeds. Even with automated post schedulers, it's exhausting trying to keep up with all of your posts and constantly checking to see if it received "likes" or comments.

Plus, you're spending all of that time making content when you should be engaging with people who could be a potential customer.

Okay, Ellen, remember I said I had a small following, so who should I be engaging with?

Check out the Instagram stories of people who you think you could help. Send them a genuine question, response, or compliment. This opens the door for conversation between both of you.

So much easier than churning out content after content, right?

Do research on where your ideal client hangs out

Knowing who your ideal client follows or engages with is a great way to expand your circle and maintain a connection.

Keep a small list (whether you prefer spreadsheets or a paper journal) of hashtags and Instagram accounts that your ideal client follows. Check them daily for about 30 minutes, and send out those story responses. 

Doing these two things every day gets you directly in front of potential clients, rather than posting endless content on social media, which might be a hit or miss.

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