How You Can Get On A Best-Selling Book List As A Self-Published Author (Even If You Have A Small Audience)

author bestselling books entrepreneurship jessi beyer self-published small audience Jun 14, 2021

 Today we are back with the second half of our author mini-series with guest Jessi Beyer! If being an author is a dream of yours, but you feel held back because the size of your audience doesn’t fit the mold of what’s required to land a book deal through a traditional publisher, Jessi is here to make the case for why self-publishing may be an even better route for you!

Jessi has been an avid writer since she could hold a pen, and landed herself a spot on 9 different bestseller lists within the first 72 hours of her book being released. Despite previously getting rejected by 100 literary agents, Jessi was determined to get her book into the hands who needed it most. She self-published, learned a bunch of tips and tricks that she now teaches in her Aspiring Authors Incubator, and ended up 10xing her business’ revenue within the first 6 months of her book launch!

If you’re an aspiring author with a small audience, you’ll want to write all of this down. Press play to hear Jessi’s proven strategy for landing your book on a bestsellers list, the reason she prefers self-publishing over traditional publishing, how to keep the momentum of book sales going long-term, and a brilliant hack for earning 4% extra on every copy of your book sold!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What it was like to spend months contacting literary agents just to end up with 100+ rejections. 
  • How her self-published book ended up on 9 bestselling book lists within 72 hours of its release.
  • How she was able to 10x her business revenue just 6 months after releasing her book. 
  • The biggest differences between traditional and self-publishing.
  • What the standards for getting a book deal with a traditional publisher are.
  • The platforms she recommends for self-publishing your book.
  • All the elements you need before you submit your book to get published. (Hint: a book proposal isn't one of them)
  • How to get your physical book on shelves in stores.
  • Her step-by-step strategy launch strategy for getting your book on bestsellers lists.
  • What she did to prep for her book's launch week.
  • How to keep the momentum of book sales going for the long-term.
  • A deep dive on how releasing a book will grow your business.
  • How to get someone to join your email list when they buy your book through a 3rd party.


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