How This Creative & Acting Coach Made $30K In 1 Month By Saying “NO” More


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You guys know we’re on a mission to help 500 women make their first $10,000 revenue month from a 1:1 service, and every time a new Cubicle to CEO member reaches that milestone, we get to celebrate them by bringing them on the podcast! These are my favorite episodes to record, because you get to hear the inspiring, real-life stories of how these service providers, coaches, and consultants with small audiences are smashing their income goals and landing their dream clients. We’ve had members in vastly different niches like coaches, social media managers, and financial experts come on the show to break down their $10K months with us, so I’m excited to introduce you today to a visionary creative who made not just $10K but actually a  $30K month using our CCC system I teach in Cubicle to CEO! 

Ashley-Lauren Elrod is the founder of Visionary Woman Productions and an entertainment industry powerhouse with two decades of experience in acting, singing, casting, and production design. After years of her business struggling to reach that $10,000 revenue month mark, she took the leap of faith last year to join Cubicle to CEO and ended up TRIPLING her income goal!

If you want to hear what she changed in her business to create that explosive growth, why you need to trust yourself to say ‘no’ to people who are not your ideal clients, and how Ashley-Lauren is trying to change the culture of her industry through her business, then make sure you listen through to the end!

Connect with Ashley-Lauren:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How she started her business in college as a way to help her peers.
  • What Visionary Woman Productions looked like before implementing the Consistent Clients Cashflow System.
  • How she scaled her business to its first $30K month!
  • Why you need to trust yourself to turn away business from people who are not your ideal clients.
  • Advice for people who are attracting clients they don’t want to work with.
    • Ask yourself "Why have I been attracting these kind of people?"
  • “I know what I’m worth and I need to start measuring up to that worth in my mentality.
  • How Ashley-Lauren prequalifies her leads to make sure she is only working with people who are a good fit.
  • The work she does to better her community and industry.


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