How to Make A Redirect Link or Pretty Link In Kajabi

kajabi redirect link track website analytics tracking metrics website website creation Aug 19, 2021


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Redirect links are awesome in the world of online business! If you don't know what a redirect link is, it is basically a way to link an external site into your domain. With Kajabi, they're super easy to make and provide you with insights you normally wouldn't have. Want to learn how to utilize redirect links for yourself? Keep reading to find out!


What are the benefits of creating a redirect link?

Well first off, redirect links make it easy to connect external sites that include you or your business and make them accessible through your domain. For example, our podcast, The Cubicle to CEO Podcast, is available on Apple Podcasts. By creating a redirect through we are now able to promote this link way more easily to our audience (this is way more simple than sharing the long complicated Apple Podcast link), AND we can now track metrics! Because our audience can now reach this link by going through our domain first, we are able to see the page views and conversions as a result. (Note: these are only the metrics from people who used the redirect link, not all page views and conversions from the original link.) 


How to Make One For Yourself Using Kajabi!
  • Make sure you're in the 'Pages' tab and click 'New Page' in the top right corner.
  • Scroll until you see the 'Danke' template in the 'Thank You & Confirmation' section.
  • Click 'Get Started' and title the page.
    • We like to put 'Redirect - ' at the beginning of the title to stay organized.
  • Once the template is installed, click the 'Back to Home' Call to Action button and uncheck the 'Include CTA' box in the left side bar.
  • Go ahead and delete all the text in the text box as well.
  • Click the source code button (it looks like '< >' above the bold text button in the left side bar) and paste the following code in the box:
    • <script>// <![CDATA[ document.location.href = "yourwebsitehere"; // ]]></script>

    • Replace "yourwebsitehere" with the link to the site you want to redirect to.
    • Then click 'Ok' and then 'Save' your site.
  • Don't worry if an icon that looks like a sad piece of paper pops up! Click the 'Preview' button in the top corner of the left side bar to see how your link actually looks.
  • On the editing page, click 'Details' in the bottom left corner.
  • Edit the URL title, add a page title, page description, and photo to make this page SEO optimized.
  • Now just type in your new URL into your browser to see your new redirect page!

It's that easy to create a redirect link for your page and start tracking all those helpful metrics. Try it out today using Kajabi, our very favorite favorite all-in-one marketing & digital products platform!


Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to for a 30 day free trial!