How To Change The Favicon For Your Kajabi Site

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What the heck is a favicon? We promise you already know what it is, even if you weren't sure it had a name. Look at all your tabs open on your browser... see the logo next to the page title? That, dear friends, is a favicon. If you are anything like us, you have approximately 1,000 tabs open at a single time. Having a favicon for your site makes it SO much easier to stay organized and easily hop between sites.


Why You Should Set Up Your Own Favicon

Before we uploaded our own favicon, the default was the Kajabi logo (our domain's host site). While we LOVE Kajabi, this made it really confusing for us to determine which was our site and which wasn't. Not exactly efficient when you're trying to get your work done. Now that we have changed the favicon, not only has it become easier to locate our pages among our many other tabs, but it really feels like our online...

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How To Make A Coupon Code For Your Offer Using Kajabi

Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to ellenyin.com/kajabi for a 30 day free trial!

Let's face it. Everyone loves a coupon! If you're anything like us, getting any amount off of full price make you do a little happy dance. If you are wanting to be able to provide your loyal customers with discounts on your products/digital offers, then let us teach you! In fact, Kajabi makes it SO easy to create coupon codes to promote to your audience, we can teach you in less than 3 minutes. Keep reading to learn how to create these codes with ease using our #1 favorite digital marketing platform!


How to make your coupon code!
  • Start in the 'Sales' category on the left sidebar.
  • Click the 'Coupons' section.
  • Click 'New Coupon' in the top right hand corner.
  • Choose if you want to make a single coupon or bulk codes for your offer.
    • A single coupon code can be used by an unlimited amount of customers during the time when it is live.
    • You'll want to create bulk codes...
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How to Make A Redirect Link or Pretty Link In Kajabi



Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to ellenyin.com/kajabi for a 30 day free trial!

Redirect links are awesome in the world of online business! If you don't know what a redirect link is, it is basically a way to link an external site into your domain. With Kajabi, they're super easy to make and provide you with insights you normally wouldn't have. Want to learn how to utilize redirect links for yourself? Keep reading to find out!


What are the benefits of creating a redirect link?

Well first off, redirect links make it easy to connect external sites that include you or your business and make them accessible through your domain. For example, our podcast, The Cubicle to CEO Podcast, is available on Apple Podcasts. By creating a redirect through www.ellenyin.com/applepodcasts we are now able to promote this link way more easily to our audience (this is way more simple than sharing the long complicated Apple Podcast link), AND we can now track...

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