How To Make A Coupon Code For Your Offer Using Kajabi

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Let's face it. Everyone loves a coupon! If you're anything like us, getting any amount off of full price make you do a little happy dance. If you are wanting to be able to provide your loyal customers with discounts on your products/digital offers, then let us teach you! In fact, Kajabi makes it SO easy to create coupon codes to promote to your audience, we can teach you in less than 3 minutes. Keep reading to learn how to create these codes with ease using our #1 favorite digital marketing platform!


How to make your coupon code!
  • Start in the 'Sales' category on the left sidebar.
  • Click the 'Coupons' section.
  • Click 'New Coupon' in the top right hand corner.
  • Choose if you want to make a single coupon or bulk codes for your offer.
    • A single coupon code can be used by an unlimited amount of customers during the time when it is live.
    • You'll want to create bulk codes...
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How to Get Paid for a Product You Haven’t Even Created Yet


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Instead, you’ll actually get Paid to Create the content live with your founding students, so you can prove your offer in the marketplace and get a cash injection to bootstrap your investment in any tech tools so you don’t have to pay money out of pocket or...

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