How to Get Paid for a Product You Haven’t Even Created Yet

digital offering entrepreneurship online course real estate marketing youtube Jan 04, 2021

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Hey, have you been thinking about creating your first digital product this year? I want you to jump into my Paid to Create Challenge.

This live challenge is action-oriented & to the point - I’ll walk you step by step through how to launch the beta version of your course or membership site and get your first paying students in just 3 days! I’m serious, if you join me live for ONE hour each day for just 3 days, we can have your product ready to sell before you create a single lesson.

Instead, you’ll actually get Paid to Create the content live with your founding students, so you can prove your offer in the marketplace and get a cash injection to bootstrap your investment in any tech tools so you don’t have to pay money out of pocket or waste your time filming all your lessons before you know if people actually want to buy your course. If you want to join our next live challenge group, head on over to for all the details and to save your spot!

And just to show you how realistic this is, I want to introduce you to Kaylyn Dawley, co-founder of Action Jackson Promotions, a videography company in Vancouver, Washington that helps real estate professionals bring in more business by marketing their listings through video. 

Kaylyn is an amazing member of Cubicle to CEO, my annual membership helping entrepreneurs who sell client services make their first $10K month without a large audience or posting every day, but today, she’s sharing her personal experience of going through the Paid to Create Challenge to create her first online course, YouTube Quickstart. 

Keep listening to hear how Kaylyn successfully went from idea to her first paying students in literally 3 days and how adding a digital product to her service-based business has not only allowed her to expand her client base but also extend the lifetime value of each of her clients by up-selling them into her signature service!

You’ll leave this episode feeling super inspired by how simple it can be to create your own digital product, so let’s dive in!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The 3 voices everyone has.
  • Ways to practice your on camera voice.
  • If your YouTube video is in a playlist, it ranks higher in the search engine on Google.
  • Her Paid to Create experience.
  • Email marketing is the #1 converter.
  • Digital download is a great way to introduce people to your world.
  • People will do your 'done-with-you' offering until they want your 'done-for-you' offering. 
  • It is way more exhausting to get new customers than to up-sell your existing customers.
  • Bootstrapping is possible.
  • How the challenge made her realize how endless the opportunities for her business are. 
  • Relationships are your greatest asset in business. 


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