This One Page Document Added $35K To A Business In 1 Week - Here’s How To Create Yours

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Today’s case study with guest Stacy Tuschl reveals the one critical number you need to identify and align your entire team around to grow your business - and no, the number is not your revenue or profit goals. 

Stacy is the founder and podcast host of Well Oiled Operations, a company helping small business owners around the world create systems that promote team accountability and eliminate the common challenge of CEOs becoming the bottleneck in scaling. 

The critical number is the focus of a one page document Stacy has aptly coined the “same pager” that, as the name suggests, gets everyone on the same page so each team member knows exactly what actions they’re responsible for fulfilling and tracking on a weekly basis. One of Stacy’s clients implemented this one page document in her business and added $35,000 of revenue without selling a new product.

Keep listening to hear what to include in a “same pager” and how you can create one for your own business to reach your year-end goals. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The story of how she started her first business in her parents backyard after she graduated high school.
  • How the 'same pager' document made $35K for a business without selling anything new.
  • How to format a 'same pager' + how does it impact your internal business communications.
  • What you need to be looking at in order to determine your critical number.
  • “We go all in believing it is happening.”
  • What is a visual way we can make our goal front + center for ourselves + for our team?
  • “What already was working, + how can we put more of that on your daily to do list?” 

⚡Lightning Round⚡

  • What is a nickname your parents used to call you?
  • What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?
  • Would you rather cook or order in, and what are you eating?


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