From Cubicle to CEO: The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success - Live at Spark Portland 2019

In this episode, I’m sharing the speech that I gave at the Spark Portland Summit in Portland, Oregon. This was my first time speaking onstage and I got to share my story of how I quit my 9-5, and went on to build my business. It was such an incredible experience and I’m so grateful to my friend, Rachel O’Rourke for the invitation to speak (check out episode 5 for my interview with her), so sit back, enjoy, and I hope you all take something away from this.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

When it comes to pursuing a dream, you have to take a leap of faith FIRST before you figure out what you're doing.

Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. A "no," will always be a "no," until you try again to make a way. 

You'll never go wrong when you choose IMPACT over INCOME.

Any kind of rejection is your sign to do it yourself, and successful people are the master of seeing and seizing opportunities when there aren't any. If...

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Master Your Mindset With 7-Figure Earner, Heather Quisel

We are so fortunate to receive Heather Quisel's business and lifestyle wisdom on today's episode. A former preschool teacher turned serial entrepreneur, Heather has not built one but two seven-figure plus businesses all while raising a family of three and tragically losing her husband barely a year ago. She teaches women in relationship-driven businesses how to get the focus, mindset, and confidence gain for big success - in business and in life.


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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

Being vulnerable and speaking up helps others process and heal in their own stories. We have a responsibility as leaders of any kind to use our voices to help someone else with something.

Finding the good in any circumstance in life is also valuable in business. We have a decision to make every day when we wake up whether or not to give in to living our lives on autopilot, or to truly live with intention. It is a choice.

Mastering our mindset is more...

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