Imposter Syndrome, Public Speaking, and Advocacy with Dr. Melissa Bird

Today you’ll have the pleasure to sit in on an inspiring and honest conversation with my friend Dr. Melissa Bird - or Missy, as I know her. A self-proclaimed “natural born rebel”, Missy earned her masters and PhD in social work and spent many years working in public policy as an advocate for women, families, and children before transitioning to being a full-time life coach and public speaker. In this interview, you'll hear tangible ways to defeat imposter syndrome, overcome any fears of public speaking so you can shine on stage, as well as how to be a graceful advocate for change on the issues that matter most to you. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode 

We have a calling to engage in the work that we are passionate about.


We often try to self sabotage our own success. Imposter syndrome convinces us that we are unqualified to do things. We have to connect to the idea that we CAN do anything we set our minds to....

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