Borrow The Personality Quiz Funnel Behind This $70K Launch

email marketing entrepreneurship lead generation linda sidhu personality types quizzes segmenting Aug 08, 2022

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Today’s case study will change how you approach selling forever. Linda Sidhu is a list-building and quiz funnel expert who gives us a detailed behind-the scenes breakdown of her Quiz Lab launch, which generated $70,000 in revenue by using a personality quiz funnel as a leads generator. Linda leans into her pharmaceutical sales background where she mastered the DiSC personality types to segment her email list by 4 distinct personality types, and cater her sales emails and offers to their unique buying behaviors. Keep listening to discover why personality quizzes will generate more leads and sales for your next launch, what type of questions to ask, and how to market effectively to different buyer personalities at each stage of your sales funnel.

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Connect with Linda:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How she became a top salesperson using the DiSC assessment.
  • What is a funnel?
  • “So I was able to leverage my strengths + weaknesses all in one.”
  • Why quizzes worked for her as a high quality lead generation tool.
  • The 5 email welcome sequence Linda uses after she gets a lead.
  • Why she offers discovery calls to her clients.
  • The 4 personality types + how their buying pattern habits are influenced.
  • “Even if you’re not selling anything, it’s just offering connection points.”
  • Her $70K launch breakdown.
  • Always look at the registration rate on your website!
  • How to make a quiz + examples of the questions she asks.

⚡Lightning Round⚡

  • What is one job you could never see yourself doing?
  • What is one food you could eat for a week straight?
  • Over the course of your life, where have you lived, and which city was your favorite?


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