How to Build An Email Opt-In Form With Flodesk

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In the world of online business, there are very few ways that you can actually own your audience. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers, your connections with them are completely under the control of the platform they are on. If Instagram decides to malfunction or Facebook is shut down, what do you have left? This is why you need an email list. A list of your audience members and a means to connect with them.

Our absolute favorite email software is Flodesk! With them, it is unbelievably easy to curate beautiful emails that match your brand (+ don't break the bank as your list size increases). In this post we will be sharing with you how to make a custom email opt-in form that you can create and add to your website in 10 minutes!


Why You Should Have Email Opt-In Forms On Your Website

Your website visitors are more anonymous than your social media followers. They don't have to sign in or share their information when they are just browsing your site. You often only get to see them as numbers in your website analytics! By embedding an email opt-in form on your site, you give your visitors an opportunity to stay up to date with your business. What is better than that? People who are voluntarily involving themselves in your world! With this, you are able to build an audience of high-intent people who you can share your exciting announcements, launches, re-stocks, and everything else with. Keep reading if you want to learn how to make the perfect email opt-in form for your business!


How To Build Your Email Opt-In Form

  • Start in the 'Forms' section of Flodesk, and hit 'New Form' in the top right hand corner.
  • Select your form template of choice. You can choose from pop-up, inline, and full page forms!
  • Once selected, determine which segment of your email list you would like these submissions to be categorized under, and hit 'Save'.
  • You can completely customize your form by clicking on each element of the template (i.e. the photo, text, background, customer information, etc.) and editing in the toolbar on the right side.
    • For the text, you have a variety of fonts to choose from, and you can also determine the boldness, color, size, alignment, etc.
    • For the customer information fields, you can delete, rearrange, and add in custom fields. You can also choose which fields are required to enter so you get all the information you need from your audience.
    • For the submission button, you can completely customize the shape, size, color, and text to match your branding.
    • For the background, you can choose from different styles and colors, and change the width. 
    • For the image, you can upload a gif straight from giphy by clicking on the 'Add a GIF from Giphy' button, or add an image from Unsplash by clicking that designated button. But, if you don't want either of those, you can click 'Upload Image' to select any photo on your computer. Again, you can change the shape and size of these images to your liking as well.
  • One feature to note: when you click on the 'Background' there is a setting toggle for preferences in the toolbar. When turned on, this will insert checklist options. These options are awesome because each one can be linked to a specific email segment, giving the customer the chance to tell you what elements of your business they want to be updated on. If they only want to hear about your launch, they can select that segment and not be concerned about getting spammed with every email you send. This will keep people on your email list longer than if they receive all of your other announcements as well. (Plus, a customer is 27% more likely to purchase from you again after their first purchase, a percentage that only goes up as they continue to buy from you.)
  • Click the 'Phone Icon' to the top right of your design to check out how your form looks on a mobile device!
  • At the top of the toolbar, click 'Message' next to 'Form'. Here you can choose from different templates or create your own message to be displayed after your people give their information to you. Make sure to thank them for their support!
  • Once you have your form looking exactly how you want it, click 'Next' in the top right corner.
  • Answer the following questions to determine the backend settings and automations.
  • When you click 'Continue', you will be shown the coding for your form! Copy the code you would like to use, and drop it into your site!
    • We use Kajabi, so I just hit 'Source Code', dropped in the coding, and hit 'Ok' then 'Save'.
  • After that, you're done! Everything else is automated by Flodesk!

See how simple and customizable this process is? Try it out for your business and see how it works for you!


If you would like a 30-day FREE trial of Flodesk, AND lock in a lifetime 50% discount for your business, sign up for an account at ! (Offer ends November 2nd, 2021)