How To Create A 'Link In Bio' For Instagram Using Kajabi

instagram kajabi link in bio marketing retargeting ads website creation Aug 05, 2021

If you're marketing your business on Instagram, it's likely that you've got a link in your bio. More often than not, business owners use link management tools like Linktree or Milkshake to provide more link options to their followers. Hey... we've done it too! But more recently we had a revelation that would not only give us more customization with our link, but also allow us to better target our ads. Keep reading to find out how and why we created our own 'Link in Bio' landing page using Kajabi!


Why is it better to create your own 'link in bio' page?

You know when you visit a website and all of a sudden every ad on every page you go to is promoting that site? That is all thanks to cookies! (Unfortunately, not the delicious kind.) When you browse the web, cookies are sent to your device that tailor ads and websites to you. So if you are marketing online, and are promoting a link that does NOT lead to your website, you are missing out on all those opportunities to fire out those cookies and target your followers with your ads. Remember, these people have already shown interest in you by clicking on the link in your bio, so why would you not want to make sure they are seeing ads for your product/service that could make their lives better?


How to Create Your Own Using Kajabi!

For reference, you can find our 'Link in Bio' landing page HERE! Now let's jump into how you can make a customized link in bio of your own!

  • Sign up for a 30 day free Kajabi trial:
  • Make sure you're in the 'Pages' tab and click 'New Page' in the top right corner.
  • Kajabi has a few 'Link in Bio' templates to choose from, so click your favorite and 'Get Started'!
  • Customize your page however you'd like using your brand colors, fun backgrounds, your logo, etc.
  • All of the Kajabi 'Link in Bio' templates have the 'Social Links' element already added, so choose the colors you'd like to use, and add links to all the other places your audience can find you.
    • We love this feature because with it you don't waste any of your link buttons promoting your other platforms! They are all in one place.
  • Next, customize your buttons! Change the colors of the buttons and the text, the size of the buttons, the style, the layout, etc.
    • You don't even need to link each button to a URL! You can have it download a file, go to a different section, pop up an opt-in, etc.
  • Once you've got your settings just the way you like them, click the 3 dots next to the link name and 'Duplicate' to create another button with the exact same settings. This will keep all your buttons uniform.
  • When you hit those 3 dots, it also gives you the ability to 'Rename' the link in the sidebar to keep everything organized, 'Delete' the button, or even 'Hide' it from view!
    • The 'Hide' feature is awesome if you have a link you need to remove and add back into your list of links more than once.
  • After you've created all your buttons, and linked and titled them accordingly, be sure to check the layout of your page for all kinds of screens. Do so by clicking the bottom right corner (with the laptop icon) and go through all the different kinds of screens to make sure they all look exactly the way you want them to!
  • When you like how it all looks, hit 'Save' and then add that link to your bio! Woohoo you did it!
  • Last step: take a picture / screenshot and be sure to tag us on IG @cubicletoceo! We want to see your beautiful 'Link in Bio' creations!

See? It's really quite easy to optimize your links AND target your ads with this little hack! Try it out today using Kajabi, our very favorite favorite all-in-one marketing & digital products platform!


Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to for a 30 day free trial!