Her “Instagram Billboard” Generates All Her Leads - 98% Become Paying Clients


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Ashley is a brand designer and photographer who spent the past decade in the agency world crafting big brands for big businesses and Fortune 100 companies like Toyota. She recently left her career and the corporate world behind to help small businesses build big brands, too.

Her passion is helping people live theirs. And she believes that anyone with a dream or passion for something should have a real chance at it. But what they may not realize is that they're going to need more than a logo to do it. Her studio, Ash Branding Co. brings the caliber of big branding to the heart of small businesses through custom branding, cinematic photography and film and online education.


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How To Create A 'Link In Bio' For Instagram Using Kajabi


If you're marketing your business on Instagram, it's likely that you've got a link in your bio. More often than not, business owners use link management tools like Linktree or Milkshake to provide more link options to their followers. Hey... we've done it too! But more recently we had a revelation that would not only give us more customization with our link, but also allow us to better target our ads. Keep reading to find out how and why we created our own 'Link in Bio' landing page using Kajabi!


Why is it better to create your own 'link in bio' page?

You know when you visit a website and all of a sudden every ad on every page you go to is promoting that site? That is all thanks to cookies! (Unfortunately, not the delicious kind.) When you browse the web, cookies are sent to your device that tailor ads and websites to you. So if you are marketing online, and are promoting a link that does NOT lead to your website, you are missing out on all those opportunities to...

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