How Recurring Profit Grew Her Business From $12 to $6 Million (feat. Haley Burkhead)

course creation entrepreneurship haley burkhead online course recurring profit scaling Feb 01, 2021

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always a good day on the podcast when I get to host one of my dear friends, and today you get to meet the brilliant Haley Burkhead. Haley is the creator of Recurring Profit. She uses sales psychology to help entrepreneurs scale their course or membership site to $1 million dollars with an evergreen funnel! I’ve seen the power of sales psychology first hand in growing my own membership to a six figure product, and also as a coach inside Haley’s Recurring Profit program. 

I brought her on today to chat about why we both believe so strongly in the Paid to Create method of pre-selling your online course to a handful of beta students so you can live teach your lessons and get paid to create the content in real-time WITH them.

Haley will also be joining us inside the Paid to Create 3 Day Challenge that kicks off February 9th as a special guest speaker! She’ll be live teaching a masterclass on how to go evergreen with the course you create with us inside the challenge and scale it using her Recurring Profit Method - the proven strategies she used to build a $6 million dollar program without relying on Facebook ads, live launching, or a big warm audience to attract leads!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to personally learn from her, so head on over to and sign up to get access to Haley’s bonus masterclass inside the challenge! 

Keep listening to hear Haley’s scrappy story of turning $12 in her business bank account into a multi-7 figure company.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • "Money creates momentum."
  • You don't NEED ads.
  • Why the traditional course creation process doesn't work that well.
  • Outreach through DMs is the best way to understand what is on your audience's mind. 
  • Growing your audience is a great long term strategy, but in the interim, with a small audience, you still need a path forward.
  • "Perfect means perfect in your mind, perfect does not mean perfect in their mind."
  • How to scale in a simple way that relies on cold free leads so that you don't have to rely on a large audience or running ads.
  • How she created her $6 million dollar course.
  • How unethical scammers in the space reignited her passion to better the industry.
  • "The quality of our life and the quality of our results come from the questions we ask ourselves."
  • How setting lofty goals generates massive results (even when you don't hit them).
  • How to use sales psychology to set up leads to be successful students.
  • How to hire a growth oriented team.


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